How Can Fashion Move Forward now in Coronavirus Pandemic?

Though style is immutable, its influence can certainly get quieter. And with the havoc and heartbreak of COVID-19, the industry is halfway between a pause and a pivot. Independent labels like Christian Siriano and Cynthia Rowley, along with massive corporations like Gap, Coty, and LVMH, are making masks, hospital gowns, and hand sanitizer. Retail shops are shutting down while e-commerce sites are overloading-and in some cases crashing-from so many virtual orders. Face masks are in high demand. At the same time, factory workers and retail employees are losing their jobs. Stylists, photographers, and makeup and hair artists are currently without income.

In the midst of this push-and-pull, Harper’s Bazaar spoke with fashion folk about their fears, their future, and the small steps being taken right now that ensure style-like every other art form, and love too-survives.

Michelle Duncan, the Estée Lauder executive turned fashion designer says. “If you look back at the Surrealists, the Cubists, the pop artists even-those people had seen war. The creativity was an output of the chaos in the world. I’m not saying this is the same experience; we’re thankfully not in the World War 1 trenches. But you can’t deny this period is its own strange trauma, even if you’re lucky enough to be healthy. How will we manifest our creativity? What kind of exceptions will be made to every creative rule?

Famous designer Kim Shui adds. “Will we need more support in the future? Probably. But if the fashion world wants to know what I as a young female-founded brand need right now, I wouldn’t talk about interest rates or sale numbers or anything like that. I would just tell you one thing: I need you to stay healthy if possible, and to protect other people from getting sick”.

Source: Harpers Bazaar