How take care of a child’s skin during the first year of his/her life?

During the first year of a child’s life, the skin is very soft and nice and it changes regularly, so parents need to know how to take care of it.


Even if a child likes to take a bathe before going to bed, remember that this process should be entirely no more often than twice a week.


Make sure the child is not often being under the sun too much. During the walk, the child should wear a hat and long-sleeved clothes.

The pad

The skin in the pad is very delicate, it is always moist, so it’s prone to irritation. To avoid irritation, you need to take care of it with special things and change the pad often.


When a child is at home, it is necessary to use the most harmless means. For washing (not only for children, but also for adults) use detergents without dyes.


A baby’s skin, like adults’, needs hydration. Use emollient for baby’s skin after bathing.