Year of the Pig: What You Need to Know About it so That it Becomes Successful

In the Chinese zodiac cycle, there are 12 characters. 2019 is the year of the Pig. Find below what it means.


The coming 2019th is the year of the yellow earthy Pig (it happens once in 60 years!). It is believed that this cheerful animal brings joy and well-being. Astrologers believe that the Pig helps make new acquaintances, find friends and loves to create families (marriages concluded in the year of this animal are the strongest).

How to celebrate It

is better to meet the 2019th in the circle of the closest people – with family and friends. Outfit is better to choose in the yellow-chocolate range (and add a little gold). It is very important that the fabrics are comfortable and soft – Pig appreciates comfort. And forget the word diet – at the table you need to eat a lot and with an appetite (especially pay attention to the desserts).


Pig is considered hardworking, generous sign, so this year you cannot stint on gifts. And they should be very practical! Especially those gifts are valuable which create home comfort – dishes or, for example, a beautiful blanket. And do not hesitate to give money!


This year, yellow, brown and green colors and numbers 2, 5, 8 and 17 will bring good luck. It is important to wear at least one yellow gold jewelry.


Nothing red or blue! And everything connected with the number 7 is better to avoid.

People Born in the Year of Pig

Sincerity, generosity, responsibility – these are the main qualities of people born under the sign of Pig. In their year, astrologers recommend spending more time with loved ones, closely monitoring their health and not being afraid to make difficult decisions at work — intuition will not fail.

Source: PeopleTalk