Women Start Morphing Into Their Mothers At The Age Of 33

Dr. Julian De Silva, a Harley Street plastic surgeon commissioned the poll, and 2000 people participated in it. According to the research, women start turning into their mothers at the age of 33. More than 50% of the women that participated in the survey admitted that they stopped arguing with their mothers once they went in their thirties, and they started behaving like them instead. The popular actress Keira Knightley is of those who stated this in the research.

According to the research, men start turning into their fathers aged 34 – the same age as Prince Harry.

The classic signs that women have started behaving like their mothers include watching the same TV shows like them, using the same expressions and taking up the same hobbies.
Men, on the other hand, start acting like their fathers mostly when they become fathers themselves.

Other “symptoms” for both men and women include weight gain, switching lights off in empty rooms, and switching from Radio 1 to Radio 2.

Source: fempositive.com