Winter Wedding-Guest Dresses for Every Kind of Ceremony

Spring and summer may be popular seasons for weddings, but don’t underestimate the magical—and romantic! — vibes of winter. There are a bunch of wedding-guest dresses out there that’ll look straight-up amazing for a cold-weather. Whether it’s a black-tie occasion or more of an informal situation, these wedding-guest dresses will take you from the ceremony to the reception dance floor with ease.

Sleeveless Dress

Cocktail Dress

Floral Wrap Style Dress

Gray Dress, Emerald

Satin Gown

V-Neck Dress

V-Neck Dress in Black

Velvet Dress

Metallic Dress

Floral Overlay Dress

Sparkle Maxi Dress with Wrap Skirt

Edison Velvet Dress

Lawrence Dress

Short Sleeve Dress