Why you don’t have to scream at the child?

The popular Ukrainian pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky regularly gives advises on children’s health on her Instagram page. This time, the pediatrician told why you don’t need to shout at the children.

Let’s start with the question of why your negligent step can negatively affect your child.

  • Loyalty

Because of constant screams, especially if they are accompanied by comparisons of the child with others, the child may have complexities.

  • Fear

Due to the constant cries of the child, fears arise. He may begin to be afraid to get acquainted and communicate with people, because of which it will become increasingly difficult for him to merge into society.

  • Aggression

If you constantly scream at the child, then at the age of 4-5, he will develop aggressive behavior. The child may have frequent fights and arguments with other children.

How to stop yelling at a child?

  • Make claims and explain them;
  • Wait with a conversation if you are on emotions;
  • Avoid stressful situations;
  • Do not say offensive words and insults to the child.

Source: ivona.bigmir.net