What your hair color says about you?

As we all know, people get their first impression from outward appearance. Hair color helps to know more about people as there are a lot of stereotypes connected with different hair colors. Here are the facts about what your hair color tells about you.

Brown hair

Practical is the right word to describe a girl with brown hair. You’re more likely to be smart, organized and very eager for success. You like to break the stereotypes and you’re extremely independent as well.

Blonde hair

The thing about blondes, is that they’re always known for their good sense of humor. They can easily make friends. In their group of friends, they are the most active and the most sociable.


Did you know redheads hold only 14% of the world’s population? This fact tells that redheads are truly unique and one of a kind. Redheads are hot-tempered, adventurous and extremely confident.

Black hair

A girl with black hair is mostly super feminine, very successful, knows what she wants and how to get it. No wonder why black hair indicates mystery and lots of sexiness.

Funky hair

If you see a woman walking around with purple, pink or blue hair, you would definitely think how carefree this woman is. A very common trait about women with funky hair colors, is that they’re vibrant, creative and extremely artsy. They live differently and never care about people’s negative judgments.

Ombre/highlighted hair

If you recently highlighted your hair or went for the ombre look, this definitely means that you get easily bored. In fact, you like to go for a change from time to time but not a very drastic one. You want to look natural, but with an edgy twist.