What Your Christmas Tree Reveals About You?

It was found that decorating your Christmas tree earlier, makes you happier. But the main question here is how to decorate it. Interestingly, the style of decoration you prefer can really say a lot about you.

“Single-themed” tree

If you recognize your Christmas tree in this picture, it can mean that you’re a fairly conservative person. You’re confident in yourself and know exactly what you need. It’s not easy for you to leave your comfort zone and try unusual or new things.

“Unique” tree

You prefer your Christmas tree to be any other color than green, and this may mean that you like to stand out from the crowd and go your own way. You have always aimed for the highest goals and are ready to experiment. Difficulties almost never frighten you and you are able to cope with them, thanks to your perseverance.

Tree with toys

Decorating your Christmas tree like this may indicate that you’re an inconsistent person. You change your plans often, since it can be difficult for you to make a choice and stop at just one thing. At the same time, you easily find compromises and try to make everyone happy.

Tree with lights

Your love of lights can indicate that you are a bright, independent person. You enjoy your individuality and strive to be in the spotlight. The opinions of others mean nothing to you. But your personal experience is your main advisor and your only source of knowledge.

Source: brightside.me