What to Wear With High-Heel shoes?

Modern shoes beat records by the number of intricate patterns, incredible combinations of materials and textures, color solutions and shapes. Rough shoes, refined ballet shoes, cumbersome sneakers, transparent shoes – today the fashion world has nothing to surprise. However, in the new season an old classic returns on the podium.

Heeled shoes are the most elegant shoes, which look great with dresses, skirts and with trousers of almost all styles. It is an eternal classic and a favorite in the wardrobes of many world style icons. Not surprisingly, in addition to its versatility, this model emphasizes the beauty of the ankles, visually lengthens the legs, makes the silhouette more elegant and refined. It only remains to decide what to wear with them in the new season.

Tight Skirt

If we are talking about the eternal classics, bypassing the combination of heeled shoes and a tight skirt is simply impossible. It does not matter what exactly will be chosen as a top, the combination of these two things can make an image elegant, refined and incredibly stylish, and also demonstrate a slim, precise figure.

Shortened Trousers

Heeled shoes look great with slightly shortened and tight trousers. This simple but very effective combination perfectly emphasizes the ankle line, adding an image of femininity and lightness.


Despite all severity, high-heeled shoes will become a perfect pair to short denim models or rather conservative trousers of cotton or wool. This combination will help to demonstrate long legs, tucked calves and thin ankles.

Strict Suits

Classic black leather shoes with low heels will perfectly match with a strict suit, straight or slightly narrowed pants and a fitted jacket.

Evening Dress

Heeled shoes will create an excellent tandem with any evening dress, without exception, especially if it is black in combination with bright accessories. The title of the Queen of the evening is provided for you.


Heeled shoes can be worn not only with classic trousers, skirts and dresses, but also with jeans. Of course, they will look good if you wear them with tight sexy skinnies, but boyfriend jeans should not be ruled out. The combination of these styles with classic shoes looks bold and unordinary.

Heeled shoes are a trend that is not subject to time. They have a phenomenal ability to transform the figure, visually pull out the entire silhouette and lengthen the legs, which makes them an unquestionable must-have in each girl’s wardrobe. Choosing a new pair, pay attention not only to design, but also to convenience, do not forget about the seasonal fashion trends and those elements of the wardrobe, in combination with which you will wear them.

Source: Ivona