What to Keep Out and What to Put Away for this fall?

Now that fall is actually here and it’s starting to really feel like it, we thought it would be a fitting time for a fall overhaul of sorts to help you prepare for the upcoming change both in temperature and day-to-day style.

Put away: pastels
What to wear instead: wild prints

if your closet is full of summer-ready pastels at the moment, you might want to edit out at least some of the ones that are the least versatile in order to make room for this season’s trending zebra, snake, and other animal prints.

Put away: denim shorts
What to wear instead: long jeans

Sorry, shorts, but it’s time to go. Luckily, there’s a new and even more exciting denim trend in town, and it’s longish jeans.

Put away: sporty sandals
What to wear instead: boots

Sporty sandals were the go-to comfortable and casual shoes of spring and summer, but it’s time to tuck those under the bed until your next tropical vacation. Just remember that you’re making room for the best category of shoes ever: boots.

Source: whowhatwear.com