What to Eat to Look Like Victoria’s Secret Angels?

At the end of November one of the most beautiful and expected fashion shows will be held – Victoria’s Secret show. The organizers keep the exact date in secret, but the “angels” are already actively preparing to enter the podium. And in order to be in perfect shape, besides the daily workouts, the models had to adjust the nutrition plan. Here you will find out, what Victoria’s Secret angels eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lily Aldrige


“To prepare for Victoria’s Secret show, you need the right fuel.” Before the last show, I ate poached eggs, avocados and green tea for breakfast, a quinoa salad for lunch, and pasta for dinner. Now I adhere to the same plan.”

Stella Maxwell

“For breakfast, I eat scrambled eggs, avocados, granola with yogurt. For lunch I prefer a piece of salmon and salad, or chicken and salad. For dinner, I eat the same thing – greens and proteins. ”

Jasmine Tookes


“I usually eat omelet for breakfast. I drink a protein shake before training, then I try to eat more protein — a portion of grilled chicken, vegetables and rice. Or a steak, if the workout takes place in the evening. ”

Candice Swanepoel


“I don’t stick to diets and don’t count calories, but at the same time I try to eat healthily, including all the necessary vitamins in my food. For breakfast, I have a cup of coffee or a protein shake plus bacon and eggs. For dinner – chicken and quinoa salad. In the evening I can afford fried salmon or I may not eat at all. It all depends on my mood.”

Josephine Skriver


“I usually have breakfast with eggs and vegetables and sometimes yogurt with granola. I can skip lunch and eat oatmeal on the way. After a serious workout, I try to eat protein and some carbohydrates.”

Source: PeopleTalk