What Makes a Woman Look Old? Part 2

We got acquainted with the main points of the outward appearance in the previous article. Now let’s go to behavior and habits.


The negative attitude, the character of being constantly dissatisfied, the constant discussion of the others not only affect the quality of life but also the outward appearance. It is not a random saying that “Smile beautifies a person.” Indeed, a smile gives the eyes a glow, pulls the facial muscles up. I am sure that you have noticed when talking on the phone, the person smiles, the sound becomes more enjoyable. This paragraph also refers to social. Instead of filling up their own day, doing anything, or just chatting with friends and strangers, they spoil their attitude and impression, but also the mood of the other.

to study the world, learning new language, skills, art, craft, etc., is able to appreciate and enjoy the details, his curiosity and energy to infect the environment is always younger than people who do not have the desire to set foot on their own.


The next point is that people who smoke and drink are exposed to skin problems, such as pale, faded skin, wrinkles, etc. It’s also about regular users and most abusers of alcohol. Cigarettes also show a great deal for a couple of years.


And the last point is our concerns. A woman who is in a state of agony, constantly living in problems, not enjoying life, putting aside her own personality, and caring for others, is much older than her age. Yes, the times were difficult, their anxieties were countless. For this reason, a considerable part of our mothers unfortunately look older. This is another topic, but the social situation has the greatest impact on a woman’s appearance. Naturally, there are problems in every family, but most of the problems are solved over time, especially now, and the younger life goes a long way. Let us review the time we spent, to know ourselves, to show ourselves to the best of our lives, to engage in interesting activities, to put into new knowledge, to do what we have long dreamed of.