What Makes a Woman Look Aged?

Girls, I want to introduce you to the points that can add years to the image of a woman/girl.

These are not my observations, although I share the opinion completely.

First of all, a large portion depends on the appearance.


Yes, the excess weight makes look more aging. For each person, the excess kilograms are different. For example, for me it’s 5kg, but for another person, it may be 10+kg.

I’m sure that almost everyone has had fluctuations in weight and noticed in which part of the body that the excess weight is the most visible. In any case, excess weight increases your age visually.

Too much sunburn

It seems that the sun should make our appearance more beautiful, but very often it has the opposite effect.

Sometimes moderate sunburn is even more charming, but it doesn’t suit everyone. Secondly, it’s proven damage to the skin. So, if you’re a fan of tannin, first do this carefully and follow the safety rules. Also, make sure it does not make you look old.

Error selected makeup and hairstyle

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No need to have professional skills to look stylish and fresh. Nowadays, the Internet is flooded with beauty blogs, educational videos, and pictures. Every day attending beauty salons and having evening hairstyle may also make you look old.  We live in the best times when there is a flood of information available and an accessible opportunity to explore and present in a fresh, simple, and stylish way.

Error selected outfit

Each person has a certain color type.  No matter what attracts, there are people whom the prints or bright colors don’t suit.

Author: Tatev Hovhannisyan