What Kind of Mom You’re Going to Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Motherhood, particularly the idea of motherhood, can be a scary thing. Here, a look at the type of mom you’re destined to be depending on your horoscope sign.


Strengths as a mom: Confidence, self-awareness, strength, and fearlessness.

Weaknesses as a mom: Competitiveness, anger, obsessiveness, and self-centeredness.


Strengths as a mom: Stability, good taste, common sense, hard worker.

Weaknesses as a mom: Indulgence, materialism, mood swings.


Strengths as a mom: Youthfulness, curiosity, originality, creativity.

Weaknesses as a mom:  Tendency to contradict self, impatience, talking or lecturing instead of listening.


Strengths as a mom: Sensitivity, comfort, good taste, devotion, sentimentality.

Weaknesses as a mom: Overprotectiveness, mood swings, fearfulness, jealousy.


Strengths as a mom: Leadership, creativity, confidence.

Weaknesses as a mom: Self-centeredness, drama, too much energy.


Strengths as a mom: Healthy habits, intellect.

Weaknesses as a mom: Worry and neuroses, self-righteousness, tendency to overanalyze.


Strengths as a mom: Patience, refinery, good taste, fairness.

Weaknesses as a mom: Snobbery, vanity.


Strengths as a mom: Strength, resilience, intuition, willpower.

Weaknesses as a mom: Control, emotional unavailability.


Strengths as a mom: Adventure, wisdom, humor, perspective.

Weaknesses as a mom: Impatience, too much spontaneity and lack of structure.


Strengths as a mom: Planning, traditional values, consistency, patience.

Weaknesses as a mom: Worry and anxiety, overly cautious, pessimism, self-doubt, seriousness to a fault.


Strengths as a mom: Youthfulness, open-mindedness, originality, fairness.

Weaknesses as a mom: Boundaries, turbulence and drama.


Strengths as a mom: Imagination, creativity.

Weaknesses as a mom: Manipulation, instability, guilt.

Source: Harpers Bazaar