What Happens to Your Breasts When You Lose Weight?

Many women, who lose weight, find that their breasts get noticeably smaller, while their thighs and buttocks don’t change that much.

The reason that this happens is simple.

The breasts contain not only glandular connective tissue, but also fat, which is spread below the skin and between the ducts. It is the ratio of fat to connective tissue that determines the density or firmness of the breast.

Fat serves as a source of energy, when the calorie intake is restricted, as happens during dieting. So when the body is in caloric deficit stage, it starts to burn its fat reserves proportionally. The fat deposits within the breasts are affected by this process.

The ratio of fat to connective tissue is determined genetically. In women with a lot of fat, the breasts get smaller more quickly than in women with less fat, as they have a higher amount of connective tissue.

If you want to maintain breast elasticity when losing weight, experts advise that you do not do it too quickly and eat healthy foods, including leafy greens and lean protein. You can also consider pectoral muscle strengthening exercises.