What Colors Best Match Your Skin?

When you know exactly what’s  your true skin tone, it’s easier for you to choose the right colors. Below are all the color combinations that correspond to each skin tone.

Cool undertone

cool undertone

Hair – ashy colors, blonde, gray

Clothing – blue,purple,gray, white, bright red, super-pale yellow

Jewelry – silver

Lipstick – blue shades, bluish- red, purples

Blush – cool pink

Eyeshadow – silver, grey,reddish- purple


Warm undertone

warm undertone


Hair – golden brown, honey blonde,caramel color

Clothing – brown, yellow-green, corals,gold,violet-red

Jewelry – gold

Lipstick – coral undertones, coral-red flatters the most

Blush – peachy or coral

Eye shadow – golden, bronze, olive, brown, yellow


Neutral undertone

If you have neutral undertone, you can use what color you want. Try to use colors that are in the middle of the color spectrum. Use dusty rose, light peach, placid blue, light green. Colors that don’t match you are anything too bright, such as red and yellow.  You can use any color you want but always try to use their softer versions.


Now you know the your true skin tone, and you know what colors to use in order to always look stunning.