What can prevent pregnancy?

Of course, the fullness of the family is also conditioned by the children. However, many women find it difficult to get pregnant because of various problems. Here are some factors that can make it difficult for a woman to get pregnant.



It is hard to get pregnant when you’re stressed. When you’re stressed, you may disrupt the brain processes that are responsible for releasing the hormones that control ovulation. If it’s your partner who is stressed, the same part of their brain — the hypothalamus — controls the production of testosterone.
When you’re really stressed, your ovaries might release eggs irregularly, or they might not release an egg at all, a condition known as anovulation.
If you or your partner are stressed, the most effective course of action is to identify the stressor and try to reduce it. This will make it easier for you to conceive.



Just like your ovaries, fat cells also produce the hormone estrogen. When you’re overweight, you could have an excess of natural estrogen, which may result in anovulation.
On the other hand, being underweight also affects your ability to get pregnant. This is because being underweight sometimes means your body produces little or no estrogen. Not having enough estrogen can also lead to anovulation.
Maintaining a healthy body weight by exercising regularly and eating a balanced, nutritious diet can help increase your chances of getting pregnant.


Menstrual irregularity

During your menstrual cycle, there is a window of a few days when you’re very fertile. If you check your temperature every morning, and it rises for three consecutive days, you might be ovulating.


Unhealthy lifestyle

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can hurt your chances of conceiving. The chemicals and toxins in alcohol and cigarettes alter your hormone levels, potentially throwing your pregnancy plans off track. The same applies to caffeine (such as in coffee and certain soft drinks).
Before you start trying to conceive, try making a change in these lifestyle choices. Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine.



Many people these days are waiting longer to have children. However, the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to get pregnant. It becomes more difficult for women to get pregnant as they get older because the number of viable eggs reduces with age.


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