What a Baby Can and Should be Able to do in a Year

By year, children should have a certain set of skills. So what should a child be able to do at 1 year old?

Motor skills

During this period, the child is persistently trying to walk. Moreover, it is normal if girls master this skill before boys.

So, a child of 1 year should:

stand firm without the help of adults;
to move with the support of adults;
actively crawl;
squat, stand on legs from any position;
climb on upholstered furniture, get on the floor.

Cognitive activity

make and disassemble a three-part pyramid with wide rings independently;
open / close boxes
stack the turrets;
be interested in cabinets (open / close, push / pull drawers);
imitate the actions of parents or peers;
be interested in household appliances.

Source: kolobok.ua