Wedding Tasks You Can Do from Home Right Now

Many planned events, including weddings, were canceled or postponed as a result of this worldwide epidemic. But staying home and getting ready for a delayed wedding can be very helpful. That’s why we present you with some steps to prepare for the wedding ceremony from home, which will facilitate your work in the future.

  1. Update Your Registry

Now that you’ve spent extended periods of time at home, you’re likely more aware of the things you’re missing. Tried to cook a recipe but didn’t have a food processor? Add it! Wish you had a fluffy robe to curl up in? Tack it on! Use this is an opportunity to register for items you never knew you needed until now.

  1. Take Virtual Dance Lessons

If you’re quarantining with your partner, there’s no better time to work on your dance skills. There are tons of online services that offer lessons with instructors in real-time. You can also recruit the help of friends or family members with smooth moves and make it a social activity.

  1. Make Your Playlist

Speaking of dancing, better get started on that reception playlist. It can take days, even weeks, to brainstorm all of the tunes you want your band or DJ to get to during the party. And don’t forget about the “do not play” list, it’s just as important!

  1. Strategize with Your Planner

Huddle up with your wedding planner in a video conference to determine a new game plan but also to check in on them and let them know you appreciate them. The moral support is needed now more than ever, and knowing that you have a clear path forward will provide a sense of relief in these uncertain times.

  1. Have a Menu Tasting

Believe it or not, many caterers will pack up your menu options (including your cake!) and deliver them to your house. If your catering team is adapting similarly to how many restaurants are by offering takeout and delivery, this could be an opportunity to check a very important task off your list.

  1. Practice Self-Care

This is arguably the most important wedding task of all. Stick to a workout regimen or plan an at-home date night with your partner. Make sure to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing above all else.