Wedding Makeup and Hairstyle Trends of 2019

It is very important for every bride to know the trends of the year. We represent you the makeup and hairstyle that you need to know in 2019.

Natural look

Several years ago it was very trendy to look like Kim Kardashian and this trend seemed to stay forever, but now it is Meghan Markle’s natural look’s century.

2019 will be famous for its natural make-up trends. Brides won’t be an exception.

“Messy” hair

Natural hair is, also, a trend of 2019. Beachy waves and “messy” hairstyle will look very elegant on a modern bride.

Bold Lips

Bold lips were always fashionable, but it was never a piece of a wedding make-up. However, the times have changed and in 2019 bold lips will emphasize your individuality on that magical day.

Flowers on hair

It is very beautiful and gives a romantic look to your whole look flowers on hair. It is important not to do everything too much.

Smokey eyes

All brave brides can afford this year to get out of the accepted borders and use the dark eyeshadows, thereby emphasizing their unique charm.