Wedding makeup advises from Royal Family make-up artist

Hannah Martin is a makeup artist who has been working with the royal family for several years: it was Hannah who invented the wedding beauty image for Kate Middleton and did the wedding makeup of Princess Eugenia. The makeup artist shared her main secrets and rules of the perfect wedding makeup.

to Hannah, the key point in any make-up is skin preparation. She advises to moisturize skin before doing makeup. Hanna mentioned that if you or your makeup artist misses this step, then foundation won’t look good.As mentions Hannah, it is very important to choose right textured foundation and to not forget about resistance of makeup. The makeup artist advises to fix makeup with makeup powder and spray to make it last all day long.


Hannah advises to highlight eyes with nude shades: bronze, brown and pink colors. Then add highlighter to inner corner to make look more attractive. Also, Hannah advises to tinkle the contour of lashes with the help of a dark or brown eye pencil. Makeup artist mentioned that makeup should fit the wedding style.


According to Hannah, wedding makeup looks completed with nude lipgloss. Hannah told that dark lipstick colors make bride look older.

Makeup artist also mentioned that lipstick color is very individual and must be chosen according to bride’s preference. You should choose lipstick color in which you feel beautiful and comfortable.