Wedding Hair Accessory Ideas for Every Kind of Bride

Aside from being totally beautiful, a chic hairpin (or comb) can keep loose strands tucked away from your face from ceremony to reception, which is something especially important for the long-haired brides out there. We totally understand that flowing waves are utterly gorgeous, but constantly flicking strands away is not. These little wonders can still add that something special to your overall look. Bohemian brides, try a detailed hair chain.

Ready to find the perfect hair embellishment to fit your bridal style? Take a look through some of our favorite hair accessories fit for any bride and hairdo.

  1. A Pearl Headband

A delicate pearl headband makes for a stunningly romantic choice. We love that this one is flanked by a loose boho braid for a spin on the classic look.

  1. A Grecian Look

A gold leaf wrap-around headband transforms any bride into a Greek goddess.

  1. A Floral Chain

This bride’s detailed floral hair chain is the perfect complement to her high neck bohemian dress.

  1. A Jeweled Headband

This jeweled floral headband is totally gorge. Not to mention the unquestionably cool-girl placement of it.

  1. Wrap It in Ribbon

A humble ribbon can do so much for a bridal look. This pop of black adds a Parisian flair to the ensemble.

  1. Fit for Royalty

A minimal gold crown with diamond embellishments makes for a regal look.

  1. Art Deco

A little party never killed nobody, right? This vintage-inspired embellished headband is all about that Great Gatsby feel.

  1. Match Your Hair Color

How stunning is this bronzey-gold metal with the bride’s rich hair color? A gold leaf hair clip with crystal flower details peaks out from this bride’s curls.

  1. La Bohème

A vintage-inspired headband with dangling gold chains and crystal accents transforms any look into a bohemian dream.

  1. Dot a Braid

This bride accented her loosely plaited hair with beaded pins for her vineyard wedding in Washington State. The results are straight out of a fairytale.