Ways To Understand Your Baby Before They Speak

Communication can be difficult and even impossible between the parent and the baby before they come of age that they can talk. However, there are ways to figure out what the baby wants or needs.

Sleepy Cry – Everyone gets whiny when they are tired. Babies are no different. When they want to sleep and can’t, their cry will sound whiny and will rub their eyes and ears.

Hunger Cry – Even though this may start as a calling cry if the baby isn’t fed or answered, it may become a hysteria. If the baby is rotating their head and making smacking sounds with their mouth, it means that they are hungry.

Pain Cry – This cry is louder and more constant than any of the other cries. When the baby is in more pain, the more hysterical its cries will be. If the baby exhausts itself from crying, its cry will become quiet and tiresome.

Calling Cry – When the baby is crying around 5-6 times, then stopping, and then continuing to cry after 20 seconds have passed, it is most likely that the baby wants someone to come and pick them up. If no one comes to pick them up, this cycle of cries will continue.

Fist Clenching – Babies usually clench their fists when they are hungry. If you notice the clenching of fists at the beginning, you will save yourself from the outburst cries that the baby will convey.

Ear Grabbing – Ear grabbing usually shows that the baby is exploring its features, unless they are continuously touching their ears. If this movement is persistent, it will be best to consult your pediatrician.

Head Rotation – This movement for most babies is a calming movement. They will rotate their head if they are going to fall asleep.

Source: thinkinghumanity.com