Watching Relationship Movies With Your Partner Can Save You From a Divorce

Today, the frequency of divorces is increasing. While there are many causes that lead to divorce, the biggest and most common problem that can lead to divorce is the lack of communication. On this occasion, some experts believe that watching movies together can fill this gap and serve as a way to save marriage.

Looking for other ways that could help people avoid getting a divorce, researchers from the University of Rochester divided 174 newly wedded couples into 3 groups. While members of the first 2 groups focused mainly on therapy work, the third group of participants worked on their relationship while eating popcorn and comfortably resting on the couch.

At the beginning of the study, this group members attended a 10-minute lecture explaining how important relationships were, after which

they watched the movie Two for the Road and discussed it by comparing their own relationships with the ones they saw in the movie. Afterward, all the couples received a list of 47 relationship movies they had to watch and discuss at home.

The results surprised the researchers. They revealed that they had expected some bonus from the movie-and-discussion approach, but they couldn’t imagine that it would be much more helpful than sessions that included therapy and intensive work.

The scientists believe that this method can work for all marriages. It could also be a fantastic way to celebrate an anniversary — watch a romantic film while holding each other’s hands and discussing it afterward.

In the end, marriage isn’t an easy, breezy fairytale. But the ability to talk to each other and communicate your feelings and needs properly can make your journey easier.