Venice Film Festival Prize Winner Actresses

Soon, on August 29, Venice’s 75th jubilee festival will begin. The jury will determine the winners of different nominations. One of the most interesting and best prizes of the festival is the “Volp’s” award for “The Best Woman’s Role”. While everyone is busy with guesswork, who will be the best actress of the 75th festival, we present the best actresses that have won that prize in recent years.

Catherine Hepburn

Anna Manani

Viven Lee

Ingrid Bergman

Sophie Loren

Zhanna Moro

Natalia Arincasova

Isabelle Juper

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Juliet Binoc

Sandrin Bonner

Catherine Danny

Rose Birn 

Juliana Moore

Hellen Mirren

Kate Blanchett

Ksenia Rappopport

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