Useful Spices That You Need to Keep in Your Kitchen

Every housewife knows: to make the dish perfect and give it a unique taste, just add the necessary spices. But the uniqueness of fragrant plants does not end there. They have a number of useful properties that can strengthen the immune system and improve the overall well-being of a person.


It is difficult to imagine Italian cuisine without oregano. Spice has a pleasant delicate aroma and a spicy, slightly bitter taste. It has a number of healing properties. Regular use of oregano will help calm the nervous system, normalize the work of the stomach and strengthen the immune system.

It will be a great addition to scrambled eggs, salads and vegetable soups, sauces and salty pastries.


This evergreen plant is widely used in cooking, traditional medicine and cosmetology. Among the most interesting properties of rosemary are memory improvement, stress relief, reduction of inflammatory processes, increased potency, treatment of colds.

The plant has a bitter and astringent taste, which gives a wonderful aroma to meat and fish dishes, soups and marinades. Rosemary is also added to tea.


Turmeric was once used as a dye for gloves, metal and wood. But as a spice, it brings much more benefit. Turmeric removes toxins from the body, excess water, which reduces swelling, cleanses the intestines and helps to lose weight, improves skin condition, successfully fights viruses and even helps in the fight against cancer.