Ultrasound for Pregnant Women: How Often Can You Do It?

How many times can a pregnant woman do ultrasound?

Pregnancy is an important stage in every woman’s life, during which it is important not only to lead a healthy lifestyle, but also to consult a doctor in time, and periodically undergo some planned procedures. During the examination, the doctor is not be able to determine the sex of the child, his position and development, which can greatly facilitate childbirth. To do this, pregnant women are sent for ultrasound.

There is an opinion that it is undesirable and unhealthy to do ultrasounds often. Of course, future mothers are seriously concerned about the condition of the fetus and are afraid to undergo the procedure once again. But it is impossible to identify possible pathologies without ultrasound, to determine the sex, size and position of the unborn child.

Pregnant women are very often concerned about how many times they can attend ultrasound while pregnancy?

Let as immediately note that the schedule of ultrasound is individual for each woman depending on their course of pregnancy and doctor. How many times can you do an ultrasound scan for pregnant women? The generally accepted norm is 3-4 times, but again, only a doctor, taking into account all the characteristics of the woman and the fetus, should prescribe an ultrasound.

Future mothers often ask their doctors a question: does the ultrasound harm the future baby? As it is known, the short-term effect of ultrasonic waves does not affect the tissues of the fetus, and therefore does not harm it.

Source: Ivona