Types of Relationships That Can Be Damaging

Relationships can be difficult and complicated. There are many factors that can lead to their breakup. Here are some types of relationships that can be damaging.

“You are nothing!” relationship

You should think about your relationship if your partner constantly insults, humiliates, or threatens you. This behavior can lead to a decrease in your self-esteem and cause you to believe in your worthlessness.

“There are only 2 of us” relationship

Isolation is one way to tie a partner to yourself. You can feel it if your better half is trying to convince you that “it’s just the 2 of you” and make you feel like you both are against the rest of the world. The fact is that, at first glance, this behavior may seem like a sign of closeness and affection. But things can turn out to be more serious and your partner can be trying to control you in this way.

“You will do this!” relationship

How often does your partner make you do things you don’t want to do? These may be direct requirements, directions, or prohibitions and can be achieved by manipulation. It is very dangerous because it drives you into having limits and a lack of freedom and you have to make a choice.

“I’m not sure” relationship

If your partner is constantly changing your plans and introducing uncertainty into your future together, then you may feel like they are playing with you. A partner can do this if they’re afraid of the next stage in the development of your relationship. It may also be an indicator that your better half isn’t sure about your relationship and may be thinking about someone else.

Source: brightside.me