Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Days

Sometimes it becomes so hot that it seems impossible to go outdoors. Many of us forget about the elementary rules that we have to follow to stay cool in summer.

Most people try to beat the summer heat with the help of ice cream. But diet expert Lyudmila Goncharova says eating sugar in the heat harms your body. According to the expert, the best way to beat heat is to drink a lot of water. By the way, sweet drinks do not fill water shortage.

Thus, here are dos and don’ts of summer:


  • Choose light colored clothing made from natural fabric.
  • Use a lot of fruits and berries.
  • Meat and vegetables are better to be boiled or to be prepared in the oven. Avoid canned and marinated food.
  • Avoid being outdoors at the daytime.
  • Do not wear too much makeup as it may cause skin problems.