Trendy Hair Colors of 2019

2019 is a good fresh start of a new life and new chances. So you can start with new hair color and impress everyone with your charm and elegance. Here are some hair colors that will be trendy in 2019.

  1. “Nude blonde”

This color is called “nude blonde” or “dirty blonde”. Nude blonde is a great color for cold weather because this honey shade can last long without sun.

  1. “Dusty rose”

This shiny gloss can give you a new charm. It can look even better with natural glossy make up.

  1. “Icy platinum”

Yellow blonde is old now and it is more trendy and fashionable to give to your hair some ice and do gray balayage. It is a great way to be different and unique.

  1. “Golden ombre”

It is important to have gradual change of hair color from the crown of your head to the extra blonde-ends. “Golden ombre” will definitely look good with golden make up.

  1. “Burnt orange”

This will look great on girls with green eyes. This color will make you feel as a princess from “Brave.”