Top five destinations for tourists

World travelers have unveiled their top five destinations of choice for 2019.

Denmark and Sweden

Travelling throughout these two countries could make for a fabulous road trip in 2019. Wander through Copenhagen and Göteborg to discover an array of national gourmet dishes and striking landscapes.


Algeria is one of the most sought-after destinations for 2019. Algeria is gaining popularity for its rich Carthaginian history.

The region of Epirus

The region of Epirus, which is lesser-known for tourists, can be considered as an alternative to the more traditional Greek islands. There, you’ll discover snow-topped mountains, traditional little villages, monasteries remained from the Ottoman Empire.


France’s landscapes are begging to be explored. Start from the north- Bretagne, and then bypass to the olive trees and lavender fields of Provence de Pagnol, after which you can drive down to the Mediterranean coast. Each region boasts its own unique cuisine and the country’s culture varies from community to capital.

North Sudan

North Sudan is worth discovering come the New Year. Along the river Nile lies the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes which have remained untouched since the age of Ancient Egypt. Discover nearby nature by means of a boat.