Top 6 Richest Male Models in The World of 2018

Have you ever wanted to know who are the most popular and highest paid male models of 2018? These male models are making millions with their extraordinary physique and awesome style. They are as popular as female models. This list is made according to the income of the male models, their commercial catalogs, contracts with fashion companies and the like. So, get ready to explore the list of top 6 hottest male models that are popular throughout the world in 2018.

Ryan Burns ($610,000)

Initially, Ryan did not get much popularity as a model, but after signing the deal with Zegna, he earned around $600k in the years 2013-14. His tie-up with Zegna is probably the best thing to show in his profile and this brings much popularity to him as a model.

Noah Mills ($740,000)

Some people know Noah from the Sex and the City 2 movie. He earned enough fame from his modeling career and work. After that he signed a movie that bags around $740,000 million.

Arthur Kulkov ($905,000)

He first got popularity as a soccer player. This 31 years old Russian model got to see the face of success immediately after joining the modelling industry. He signed many contracts with popular brands such as Sisley, Barneys, Bromley and Russell.

Simon Nessman ($1.1 Million)

He is in the third position as a highest-paid male model. He is Canadian by origin. This 24 years old model is a native of British Columbia. He is a former high-school basketball player, who worked for Calvin Klein and Versace.

David Gandy ($1.4 Million)

You might have seen him in Dolce and Gabbana ads, because he is the face of this brand. What made him more special is that he is a fashion writer for GQ and British Vogue. He has been in the industry since 2001 and signed huge contracts, such as the ones with Banana Republic and Hugo Boss.

Sean O’Pry ($1.5 Million)

Don’t be surprised to see the name of Sean in this list, because he truly deserves this position, doesn’t he? He is the highest-paid model in the industry. Sean first gained fame on MySpace at the age of 17. He has collaborated with some major brands, like H&M, Salvatore, Versace, Hugo Boss and the like.

Source: WorldTopMost