Top 5 Ways for Having Juicy Lips

Beautiful, plump and bulky lips have always been considered the standard of beauty of many women. But what if you have thin lips by nature, and do not want to prick your lips? To get puffy lips, it is not necessary to visit a surgical chair, it is enough to take advantage of practical beauty tips.

The easiest way to make your lips visually plumper is applying more make-up.

This will help to make the lips bulkier. Use lip balms and lip glosses, put a little shimmering powder over the upper lip, and in the center – a lip shine of a lighter shade. Or use 2 shades of lipstick – lighter and darker. Dark lipstick should be on the outer edges of the lips, and the lighter one should be applied on the inside. Mix the borders and paint the middle of the lips with an iridescent shine.

With the help of a vacuum massager.

This method of lip augmentation is sufficiently safe and will not bring any discomfort. But plump lips will please you not for long – just a couple of hours.

Use mint oil or chili.

A few drops of oil can cause blood flow and a small swelling, which will create the same plump effect on the lips. But remember, use only a drop, otherwise you will feel discomfort on the lips.

Using toothpaste and a brush.

Toothpaste contains menthol, which acts similarly to mint oil. A toothbrush will not only save your lips from dryness, but also give them volume. Do rubbing movements with a toothbrush to cause blood flow to the lips. But remember, you need to do everything in moderation.

Do special exercises for the lips.

Of course, gymnastics for the lips can not give you a visible result in a short time. Special exercises will help to avoid the first signs of aging of the skin on the lips, tighten the skin and make the surface of the lips more even. Perform the exercise “suite” for 5 minutes, each day increasing the time by half a minute. Or try the exercise “blowing out the candles”. It is necessary to put a lot of air in your mouth and start to blow with maximum force. Do this exercise for the lips at least 10 times, pausing a few seconds in between.

Source: Ivona