Top 5 Types of Passionate Women

Women are different in their kinds and manifestations, and their sensory background and emotions are different as well. “Ivona” magazine presents the types of women in bed.


She can cry after sex. She does not refuse any intimate rapprochement and she is convinced that she is infinitely used and does not get anything.


The desire of a man is a law for him. She is inspired only by the idea that now the “owner” will come and she will quickly but strongly thank him for the dinner.

The Snow Queen

She can not get full pleasure. In the bedroom, she takes initiative at the first glance, but, like in the war, when it comes to fighting, she does not want to.


During childhood and adolescence, she has been very offended and now she is taking revenge. She humiliates her partner, yet loves him. Of course, if a man tries to resist, he will have a long-term upbringing, as well as a passionate relationship as an encouraging prize.


She gives the opportunity to be the master of his beloved, given to his weaknesses. Sometimes, however, takes the control on her own hands.