Top 5 Breakfasts for Children

Each parent wants their child to get as much energy as possible and useful food to be healthy and active. The right breakfast plays a huge role in this. We present you a few breakfast tips that will help your baby stay active throughout the day.

  1. Egg on Steam

It gives the child all the important and useful elements, in particular, protein and iron. To make it more delicious, you can add chopped dill.

  1. Porridge with fruits

You can prepare porridge on your own or use already prepared options.

  1. Curd

It is rich in proteins and calcium. You can mix curd with egg and dill or just spread it on the bread.

  1. Oat with honey

It regulates children’s immune system, protecting them from infections. Dried fruits can be added, such as apricots, raisins, figs or plums.

  1. Sandwiches

It is possible to prepare sandwiches with butter, which are also very useful with boiled meat or dried cheese. You can always add greens to the sandwiches.