Top 4 Secrets of Being Feminine

The modern rhythm of women’s life forces us to become real iron ladies – after all, we are accustomed to put all the responsibility and problems on our fragile shoulders. However, men still want to see near them a fragile and refined woman, and not the one who is able to turn mountains and slow down a horse. What to do? How to regain the femininity bestowed by nature?

Do not hesitate to ask men for help.

Women very often women do hard works: pull heavy bags, hammer nails and even repair cars. Try to re-educate yourself a little and start asking men for help. Whether he is your man, or a random passer-it does not matter. Any member of the stronger sex will be happy to become your prince for a while. You yourself will feel how pleasant it is to be aware of yourself being fragile, tender and feminine. And your infantilism and helplessness certainly, as a magnet, will attract strong and courageous men.

Be careful about your speech

Sometimes an accidentally dropped word can destroy the aura of a beautiful lady. Try even in difficult situations to control yourself and speak fairly quietly, gently and slowly.

Find time for your development

Successful and truly feminine ladies have time for everything: they devote time not only to family, career and household chores, but also to their loved ones. The more time is given to healthy egoism and the cultivation of one’s personality, the more respectful others will treat her.

Experiment with images

Appearance is very important in the concept of femininity. Every time find something new. Give up the monotony and boredom in clothes. So it will be easier for you to find your style – sophisticated and feminine.

Source: ivona