Tools That Will Be Irreplaceable in Makeup in 2020


Using them, you can recreate the most non-standard and spectacular makeup options. So in 2020, we continue to apply them on the lips over the lipstick, on the arrows drawn by the eyeliner, as well as on the upper and lower eyelids, creating the desired pattern.

Tints, pigments and lipsticks

This tools make the lips look more puffy, well-groomed and sexy. We recommend applying and blending with your fingers, this technique helps to achieve a more natural effect.


Eye gloss will perfectly emphasize the beauty of your look and give it special expressiveness and piquancy. Such a tool is preferably applied to a pre-aligned eyelid. Therefore, first mask the imperfection with a tonal foundation and concealer. Using this technique, you will get the effect of a “naked”, wet eyelid.

BB and CC cream

Many girls have long given their preference for these funds. BB and CC creams have several advantages over the usual tonal remedy: they have a light, weightless texture and SPF sun protection factor, help moisturize the skin throughout the day and can be used as a base for makeup.