Tips to Take Care of Your Clothes

Step 1

Firstly, you need to get rid of the unnecessary things that make it difficult to sort and arrange your clothes appropriately. It is better to have few, but most beloved clothes. If you cannot get rid of them, fill them in the usual boxes and write what are they aimed for (give, modify, cloth for dusk).

Step 2

In order for the wardrobe to have a neat appearance, it is preferable to take the same hangers. The thinner the hangers are, the more space you can save. There are plastics or other quality hangers available at all economic stores.

Step 3

To make the wardrobe even more beautiful, group the dress according to colors. Sort them from the lightest color to the darkest one.  In this way you can find your desired cloth more easily.

Step 4

An important part of the dressing arrangement is the layout of the shelves.  You need to put the most demanding clothes in the closest, hands-free part.  Fold the T-shirts and sweaters as in stores. So it will be convenient to pick up your desired cloth without digging  others. Also, the whole range of clothes will be under your eyes. Believe it, this is a very easy process.

Step 5

Boxes, shoe boxes as well as plastic containers (can be purchased from supermarkets and retail stores) also help to make the trays more functional and beautiful.

Important advice. Never hang a thick fabric. They are deformed very fast due to their gravity, especially the shoulder part. Don’t hang sweaters, but fold.

Step 6

Don’t avoid the special hangers, with one head, and full hooks. These are very suitable for sorting belts, scarves, ties, small bags, and more.

Step 7

If you have a very small space and lots of things, then you need the pockets that are locked in the closet door, which can keep small things, including socks, tights and more.

Step 8

If you use chemistry cleaning services, do not throw bags and hangers. It is comfortable to wear seasonal outerwear in bags.

Step 9

And the last step – separate laundry and ironing clothes by baskets. The cloth version is quite affordable (about 2000 drams).

Author: Tatev Hovhannisyan