This Bride Rewore Her Wedding Dress in 33 Countries During Her Year-Long Honeymoon

After Nick and Zoe Aust tied the knot in New Jersey on December 31, 2017, the pair quit their jobs, extended their honeymoon, and spent all of 2018 traveling the globe. Creating an Instagram page to document their adventures, @MarryMeInTravel, the bride also hatched the idea to experience each new, breathtaking backdrop while wearing something equally gorgeous.

“Go on that vacation. Wear your wedding dress again and again. Change your job. Move to a new place. Do whatever it is that makes you happy,” Zoe explained.

“If you could wear your wedding dress again, where would it be? I couldn’t pick one place… so I chose them all,” the bride captioned another one of the Instagram page’s earlier posts, which has gained the attention of over 27,000 followers.

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