Things That Always Make an Engagement Ring Look Cheap

The engagement ring has a special meaning in every woman’s life, so we all want it to be beautiful and unique.

However, there is a list of qualities that, no matter the price, carat size, or cut, will make a ring look cheap․ However, always remember that staying true to your personal style is always a good idea when choosing an engagement ring․

Mismatched Diamond Colors

You might be able to go up in carat weight, but rather than getting a larger stone in this color range, we suggest sizing down for a whiter diamond that will really look more expensive overall.

Prongs That Aren’t Balanced

Prongs that are too wide or heavy can cheapen the look of an engagement ring.

Clumsy Metalwork

There’s nothing that screams cheap more than bad metalwork․

It Doesn’t Quite Fit Your Finger

This one may come as a surprise, but maybe you’ve got your dream ring, and it is just slightly too big or too small. If you need your ring resized, take it or ship it to the jeweler you who made the ring. It might be more expensive overall and take a few weeks, but you’ve come this far! The seam should be undetectable.