The Three Easy Beauty Tips Everyone Should Know about to Get Glowing Skin Post-flight

It’s no secret that when we travel our skin suffers. Whether it be long or short-haul flights, our skin can be left looking dull and very dry thanks to cabin pressure and the recycled air.

The “Daily Mail” periodical offers ways to prevent dehydration of the skin and ensure that you step off your flight looking radiant and refreshed.

1. Remove Make-up and Cleanse

make-up removal

The first step is to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin just before you begin your journey. Minimal makeup or none at all will help prevent the pores from clogging or makeup getting the dreaded ‘crusty’ look.

2. Use a Serum

serum use

The next step is to apply a serum. This will help active ingredients penetrate the skin and deliver hydration mid-flight.

Wear an antioxidant anti-inflammatory serum under your moisturizer to help defend and protect from environmental in cabin damage.

Look for a vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and vitamin C serum.

3. Moisturize Every Few Hours

moisturized skin

To help combat the dehydration, apply a rich moisturizer before boarding, preferably one that is high in hyaluronic acid and vitamins like vitamin A or E.