The No-Stress Guide to Picking Your Perfect Wedding Date

The moment you show people your ring and say “I said yes,” you’ll be flooded with question about your wedding date. Choosing the perfect date may make you feel pressured from all sides. There’s a lot to consider before choosing the day, yet there are ways to make all that less stressful, writes the “Vogue” magazine.

The “Vogue” magazine recommends to consider the following while making the choice.

Consider the Local Calendar

a girl with a note book and phone planning her wedding day

Not only should you be aware of the implications that certain dates have on your wedding, but also this may help to not pay extra if you’re celebrating in a foreign country. The cultural events of the region will have an impact on the prices as well as availability of guests and venues.

Don’t Ask Around

a couple planning their wedding

This one is tricky as if you ask too many people about what date will be the best you may get even more confused. Keep your priorities in mind; you don’t want to walk the aisle without the dearest people to you around. You may consider changing the day so your best friend or family member can attend, yet you also must consider the reasoning they bring to explain their unavailability.

Don’t Rush

a worried bride

Sometimes the better choice is to wait another year for the perfect wedding rather than rush into things and lose things along the way. If you have no chance of prolonging your engagement don’t stress out as it is the person you’re marrying who’s important, not the day itself.