The New Year is Coming. What Presents to Give Without Spending a lot of Money?

It happens that the gift is needed urgently, but you have very little money. What to do? Do not be discouraged and find a way out of the situation. We tell you what you can give when your purse is almost empty.


Buy the most ordinary small notebook and write on each page what you can do for the one you give it to. For example: “Vacuuming the carpet”, “Going to the movies together”, “Sitting with the child”. Warn: choose only those activities that you really can master. And let the person choose.

Photo Collage

It is not expensive, and very touching. Collect your shared photos, put them together in Photoshop, print them, put them in a beautiful envelope and give them the words: “I am your best gift.” And if you also buy a frame for this work of art, then in general you will be young.

Aroma Candles

Inexpensive and beautiful candles – a cool gift.


Write a poem and read it out loud. Of course, this is suitable only for those who have a creative streak and at least some ability to put words into rhythm.


Turn on the housewife mode and bake a delicious cake. On the top, make beautiful inscription with glaze.