The Most Stylish Wedding Trends

This year, couples are all about keeping their weddings sweet and simple. Don’t want to have a three-course seated dinner at your wedding? Or guests whom you have never ever met in your life? Then there is good news for you; you have plenty of options how to organize your wedding.

“Cosmopolitan” women’s periodical has presented the list of the most stylish wedding trends.
wedding dress - stylish trendIt is very trendy nowadays to wear a wedding capes over a wedding dress.









comfortable wedding dress - new stylish trendSwitch out the dress — and the extra-long train — for a jumpsuit so you can actually dance at your own wedding.








gown with high necklace - stylish trendBrides looking for a classic style with a bit more coverage are loving gowns with high necklines this year.









back necklace - new stylish trend for brides




Wearing a backless dress? Add sparkle to your look with a chic backdrop necklace.











grooms' outfit - new stylish trendFor a more laid-back look, many grooms are ditching ties for their wedding-day ensembles this year.









brides' hairstyle - new stylish trendBrides can’t stop searching for messy updos this year. To make it more elegant, add a hair


comb, which is also trending.







wedding cake with a metallic shine - new stylish trendLet your dessert outshine you on your wedding day — metallic decorations for wedding cakes are on the rise.








pizza on wedding tableIndulge your fun side by skipping a formal plated dinner. Instead, let your guests hit up a pizza buffet.






wedding bouquet from only one flower


Forgo the oversize bouquets that have been all the rage. Make your arrangement more minimalist with one made from a single-stem protea.