The Most Popular Tattoo Trends of 2019

Tattoos are among the most effective means to express ourselves in a creative way. There are thousands of tattoo styles and it is really challenging to choose the one you want.

Here are the most popular tattoo trends of 2019.

Minimalistic Tattoos

Fine lines and simple designs are very trendy this year. Minimalistic tattoos are designed with simple black and grey.

Geometric Tattoos

Another new trend is about combining geometric figures with more natural images.

Small Tattoos

The great thing about this trend is that it’s so open to your personal aesthetic. As long as the tattoo is little, rather than a full body piece, you’re ticking it off.

Flower Tattoos

Everyone loves a good flower tattoo – it’s the perfect example of softness and femininity.

Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattoos have a history of thousands of years and are still trendy.

Hand Tattoos

Almost all the celebrities have hand tattoos. Yet, in fact, many tattoo artists simply refuse to do hand tattoos as it is a challenge for many of them.