The Most Important Thing Is Not Your Appearance, but Your Energy: Vera Brezhneva

Famous Russian singer Vera Brezhneva, who has recently showed up with almost no makeup on the cover of Vogue, shared her vision of female attractiveness. She posted a photo to Instagram where she was wearing a beautiful bra under the gray trouser suit. In a post, attached to the photo, Vera noted that the most important thing for a woman is not the appearance, but charisma and character.

“I feel free, self-sufficient and attractive. To the young girls who are overly serious about their appearance, I want to say, “Relax – appearance is, undoubtedly, important but your energy, charisma, kindness is much more vital.” Self-confidence does not come easily, just with age, you have to work really hard on yourself ,” Vera noted.

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“Словно хиппи — я чувствую себя свободной, реализованной, привлекательной. Молодым девушкам, которые с чрезмерной серьезностью относятся к своей внешности, хочется сказать: «Расслабьтесь, внешность, конечно, важна, но гораздо важнее ваша энергетика, харизма, доброта». Уверенность в себе не приходит просто так с возрастом, это долгая работа над собой.” @voguerussia @voguerussiabeauty @mercuryjewellery #VeraforVogue #Vera #Vogue

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