The Most Fashionable Make-up: 6 Main Trends of the Coming Autumn

The make-up trends offered to us by stylists of fashion houses are often difficult to apply in real life. Autumn 2018 is a completely different story.

Rotation to Red

The favorite of the autumn 2018 season is red lipstick, as the main and only accent in make-up. Avoid aggressive eye contouring, choose calm shadows and experiment with red lipstick. Apply shades from cool pink to slightly reddish. The contour can be either clear or blurry.

Smokey eyes

Ironically, the make-up of smoky eyes is not going to surrender either. Fashion generously allows us not to apply eyeshadow to the effect of an ideal haze, the importance is given to geometricity and clear lines. By the way, smoky can be done not only in the standard gray-black, but also in the dark brown range.

Working Nude

“Naked” make-up – pastel colors and nudes with a natural blurred outline – the main trend of this autumn. If you don’t want to look pale, add colors: combine the perfect tone with bright hues, for example, orange or orange-pink (if risk is in your blood, of course). Eyelashes of the most daring colors, for example, yellow, are another alternative.

A Game of Eyeshadows

It should be noted that at the fashion shows of autumn collections many designers preferred the “watercolor” matte shadows of calm pastel tones. “Calm” is not only peach and beige, but also all sorts of shades of the gray-blue gamma.

More Glitter

In autumn, glitter will be relevant almost to the whole face, in particular, you can use it as a highlighter. Just do not forget about common sense: if your face looks more like a mirror, then you most likely overdid it with sparkles.

Source: Grazia