The Most Fashionable Colors of the Fall

We deal with the color palette, which will settle in your wardrobe this season.


The traditional color of autumn is perfect for tweed, velvet and silk. This season, designers dyed both leather and costume fabric into it. Special chic – look at Chanel.


Bright orange color has always been considered dangerous, so this move is not for wimps. Do not shade, and focus on the silhouette. It should be simple and make sure it sits perfectly, otherwise all of your modest “flaws” will immediately be visible to all honest people, because the bright orange color is hard to miss. Look for the ideal with Carolina Herrera.


Saturated coffee in the fall is a great alternative to black. Moreover, this color is incredibly elegant, versatile and has a special charm and coziness, adding calmness and “intelligence” to the image. Pay special attention to trench coats and coffee-colored jackets at Max Mara.

Bright Blue

Rich colors this season are the main guests in the wardrobe. Well, galactic blue has always made our hearts beat harder. That’s why the monarchs loved it so much, and now designers have brought it to the podium. Equally good for mono looks, and as a single part.


Of course, it is not possible to imagine the fall season without the red color. However, be careful, it will draw attention to itself in any case, whatever you add to it.