The most famous Armenian stars in Instagram

Recently, Armenian stars have become quite active in the social network. Every day they share the events of their lives. We have highlighted the list of Armenian stars who had many followers on Instagram. presents you the top 5 of these stars.

5.Iveta Mukuchyan- 179,000 follower

Iveta Mukuchyan is very active on her Instagram page. The singer often uploads pictures, shoots her videos, and shares with other daily events.

4.Arpi Gabrielyan – 281,000 follower

Arpi Gabrielyan is in the fourth place of our top five. The actress has a lot of planned tours and shares a lot of pictures on her Instagram page.

3.Nazeni Hovhannisyan- 283,000 follower


Nazeni has been active on social platforms recently. She places pictures of her vacation, with friends and entertainment. Almost all her pictures are accompanied by quite a heart touching notes.

2.Sirusho-297,000 follower

Sirusho’s Instagram page we can say that is the only platform that fans can know about the singer’s life. She is very active. The first pictures of her tours, concerts, and shootings are on Instagram. 1

1.Lilit Hovhannisyan- 307,000 follower

Though the singer is not so active on her Instagram page, she ranks the first in this list as she has the most followers.