The Most Common Sources of Relationship Stress

Each and every relationship can be different. They all have their own benefits, their own struggles, their own quirks, and their own history. Nothing is perfect. And in fact, there are some common sources of relationship stress that come up again and again. As a rule, money is considered to be a huge source of stress in a relationship.

However, there are also many other factors that result in stressful situations in relationships.


This is a tough pill to swallow, but it’s true. Data has shown that couples with children tend to be less happy in their relationship than childless couples. Your sex life suffers, you don’t have any time for yourselves as a couple or just as person, your needs and wants are all suddenly sidelined. As a result, stressful situations prevail in relationships.

Poor Communication

Poor communication can also lead to stress in a relationship. It means that you’ll struggle to develop intimacy, trust, and a life together. When you don’t feel heard, every situation seems more stressful.

Unrealistic Expectations

Finally, this is a source of relationship stress that isn’t talked about often enough – having unrealistic expectations.  If you have a vision of “true love”, where your perfect soulmate enters your life and completely transforms it into a fairy tale, then you are bound to be disappointed.